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Toned Arms 101

With summer only a couple of weeks away, so many of us are worried about how our bodies are presenting right now.

I get it.

COVID has been hard on so many people. And with limited access to any kind of weights (whether that be in the gym, or financially not being able to afford it), it can feel super disheartening to start.

Luckily, getting started is a lot easier than you think.

All fitness can be broken down into 7 main movement patterns:

  1. Knee bend / Squat

  2. Hip Hinge

  3. Single Leg/ Unilateral Movements

  4. Upper Body Push

  5. Upper Body Pull

  6. Core

  7. Carry

Since we are talking about working out those arms, the upper body movements can be further broken down into the following:

  • Vertical/ Diagonal

  • Horizontal

So, to get started, all you're going to do is pick 4-5 exercises from the following list:

- Upper Body Push: Horizontal

- Upper Body Pull: Vertical/Diagonal

- Upper Body Push: Vertical/Diagonal

- Upper Body Pull: Horizontal

- Isolation (i.e. biceps curl, triceps extension).

Aim to complete 2-3 sets of 12-15 reps if you are brand new to fitness, or are returning after a hiatus, this is an excellent way to start.

If you are excited to begin your fitness journey and want a free consultation call, drop your favourite meme below and I'll reach out with more information.

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